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Deadly California Wildfires
Help Us Deliver Medicine and Critical Aid to People in Need

Americares has deployed a response team and preparing emergency shipments of medicine and relief supplies to help families displaced by the deadly wildfires raging through California

More than 300,000 people have been evacuated in parts of Southern and Northern California and over 7,600 homes have been destroyed since the fires began late last week. Americares is working with partner clinics, including free clinics and community health centers, as well as national and regional response partners, to meet the health needs in affected areas.

Americares has a long history of responding to disasters. We respond to an average of 30 disasters each year, and we continue providing relief to communities affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and recently, Hurricane Florence.

Your tax-deductible gift to the U.S. Disaster Relief Fund will help ensure Americares has the resources required to respond effectively and quickly to help survivors rebuild their lives.
firefighting photo Photo: Gene Blevins/REUTERS Warehouse photo Warehouse photo Photo: Americares


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